15 Best Makeup Brands For Women In 2022 

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Even though everything is millennial pink now, Chanel Beauty has still been able to win over the hearts of influencers and makeup artists all over the world.

Estee Lauder

The products from this brand, which include makeup, skin care, and fragrances, are new, technologically advanced, and have been shown to work.


The high-end brand became the style of many people who like fashion, and Dior is still in business today with brands like Christian Dior for women, Dior Homme for men, and Baby Dior for kids.


The French company sells high-end cosmetics to women all over the world at prices they can afford. If you need  any kind of makeup, L’Oreal will never let you down.


A cosmetics firm would sell eye shadows, scrubs, eyeliner, concealers, and more. While some of their items are top-notch, they are pricey.


Skincare and beauty brand Clarins is well-known. Forbes, Vogue, Yahoo, and Glamour have written about the company, proving its global success.

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