Answers to 8 questions on the 2022 midterms

According to early exit poll data, inflation and the economy remained the top concerns for voters this year. 

The economy wasn't the only issue.

This week's surprising result was voters' willingness to separate their dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden's job performance from their vote.

An unpopular president didn’t sink Democrats

This week, many Trump supporters and far-right candidates in battleground states lost.

There was no escaping Donald Trump

Like Democrats hoped, abortion rights motivated their base and independent voters in states where abortion rights were on the ballot. Battleground states punished gns.

A major motivator was abortion

Some commentators suggested that this cycle's polls were way off after the shocking lack of a red wave. A pollster or forecaster will likely disagree.

Polls were fairly accurate

Split-ticket voting made a major comeback in 2022, and candidate quality still mattered.

A lot was riding on the candidates

According to our unreliable exit poll data, Latino voters shifted right, but not everywhere.

Some Latino voters may have moved right.

Trump-aligned election deniers failed throughout the nation, notably in secretary of state contests.

Democracy threats mattered to voters.

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