8 Tragedy Reasons Why People Can't Stay In Love

Picture from Yurina Photo via ShutterstockLove does not happen suddenly; it develops gradually. Finding someone you can build a life with and who truly gets you takes time.

Everything in our modern world is high-speed, including the internet and 3G phone service. Love struggles because we expect everything to happen for us right away.

An excessive focus

This is not necessarily a characteristic shared by all those who struggle with love. It's not so bad for you or your love life to roast a bowl after work or have a beer 

 Alcohol and drugs

With the exception of the potential for disease transmission, I'd contend that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with sleeping around when you are not in a committed relationship. 

 More people

More often than not, we put our wants ahead of those of others. The situation is becoming insane.

 People are more self-absorbed 

Dating occurs because you think it's what you should do.Every point I've said thus far applies to everyone, but this one, I've discovered, 

Signs He Isn't In Love With You 

We are constantly taught that we need to go to college, land these positions, have a career, and do other ambitious things starting the minute we are born.

 Compromises are more difficult 

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