Astrologers say this is the sign of the zodiac that is the most mean

You might be surprised to see Cancer on this list, since they are known for being nice and loyal to their family and friends. But if you upset one, watch out.


Sags are always the life of the party. But they also have a dark side. "Sagittarians are often thought to be one of the happiest zodiac signs because they are ruled by Jupiter,


Aries are born to be leaders, but if someone gets in their way, they'll act hostile. "Aries are seen as the child of the zodiac because they are the first sign of the zodiac," Thomas says. "


Just like Aries, Leo wants to be the best of the best and the centre of attention. On the outside, these fun extroverts are "nice, loving, empathetic, and pleasant,"


This intense, mysterious sign, which is represented by the scorpion, can get pretty nasty, especially when breaking up with a friend or a significant other.


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