Bad hygiene habits you didn’t know you had

You may believe you're clean and sanitary if you wash daily and brush your teeth. You may be neglecting several areas that might affect your long-term health.

It's tempting to take your phone to the bathroom to check social media, but it picks up germs you'll spread elsewhere (including your face).

Cleaning out excess earwax may seem like a good idea, but it often does more harm than good. The problem is that it creates further issues when the earwax is pushed down the ear canal.

Shampooing removes impurities and extra oil from your scalp, promoting healthy, lustrous hair. Too much of this might lead to dry, lackluster hair.

Hair neglect is also terrible. Bacteria will block your hair follicles, leading to an infection. Every 2-3 days, shampoo your hair.

When not cared for correctly, eyelash extensions may be problematic. Glues in the eye may cause visual impairment or corneal irritation.

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