CDC: Prepare for Ebola outbreak

The CDC urges U.S. healthcare personnel to consider Ebola when patients show symptoms, and airport authorities are screening Ugandan travelers for the illness.

The CDC issued a health caution last week about a Sudan virus-caused Ebola epidemic in Uganda.

 There are no suspected, probable, or proven Ebola cases in the U.S., but the CDC is reminding doctors of recommended practices to "increase awareness" of the epidemic.

The FDA has not approved a vaccine to protect against this strain of Ebola, and the present U.S. vaccination is not likely to protect against Sudan virus or other Ebolaviruses. 

The alert also notes that there is no FDA-approved therapy for Ebola Sudan.

As a consequence of the epidemic in Uganda, the CDC ordered airport screenings for Ugandan travelers.

The state department issued a health advisory saying all Ugandans entering the U.S., including Americans, must be examined for Ebola "out of an abundance of caution."

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