Dow Futures fall as yields rise

Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq futures dropped overnight as Treasury rates rose and Asian markets sank.

Tesla's profits were mixed, but CEO Elon Musk anticipated a "amazing" fourth quarter. But he acknowledged weakness in China and Europe.

Wednesday's stock market surge failed as the 10-year Treasury yield hit a 14-year high. 

Netflix's (NFLX) good profits helped equities, but there were also huge losers.

Tesla (TSLA) beat profits but missed sales. Q4 will be "amazing," but Musk recognized China and Europe. Overnight, TSLA fell.

Lam Research, Alcoa, IBM, Las Vegas Sands, and Steel Dynamics reported late Wednesday.

Lam Research profits and revenue surpassed fiscal Q1 expectations, but the chip-gear manufacturer warned U.S. export restrictions would cost it $2.5 billion. 

 LRCX decreased overnight. ASML (ASML) results and forecast raised shares by 2.5% Wednesday.

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