‘Glass’ Manicure — The Next Wave Of Chrome

The nails are decorated with foil shards, which evoke the look of broken glass. 

Gel polish is required for a glass manicure since foils will not adhere to ordinary lacquer.

 A glass manicure often consists of a transparent or neutral base color with chrome foils applied on top. 

Chrome, or what Zoey, a manicurist at the Vanity Projects salon in New York City, calls "aurora" foils because they reflect the light in a way reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

The method is very much like how a regular gel manicure is done. The first step in getting a manicure is to shape and file the nails, removing any old lacquer along the way.

Glass manicure prices vary per salon. Priced as a gel manicure with art. Any manicure that involves foils costs $100 before tip at Vanity Projects.

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