Former UCLA gynecologist accused of abusing patients

Former UCLA obstetrician-gynecologist found guilty of sexually abusing patients.

James Heaps, 65, was convicted of sexual battery by deception and sexual penetration of an unconscious individual.

His 2019 arrest on sexual assault charges led to hundreds of more claimants and a deluge of claims against the University of California system, costing it hundreds of millions of dollars.

Heaps was indicted on 21 charges of sexual abuse, including sexual violence by deceit, sexual penetration of an unconscious person, and sexual exploitation of a patient.

Dr. James Heaps is taken into jail as he appears in Los Angeles Superior Court today.

A jury acquitted the former doctor on seven charges but couldn't agree on the other nine, the statement stated. Undecided whether hung counts would be retried.

Heaps' attorney says he'll be jailed until sentence. The district attorney's office has set his sentencing on November 17.

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