How to "Detox" Your Liver Quickly

People often declare they want to undertake a liver detox after partying too much or eating poorly, and there are many products guaranteeing a healthy liver in no time. 

"The liver is the largest organ inside the body. On average, an adult's liver weighs about 3 pounds. The liver has more than 500 important jobs to do.

Processed meals and "fast" foods heavy in saturated fats and refined carbs are unhealthy for your liver and body. If you eat this way most of the time or have overindulged, you may need a detox.

If you smoke, drink more than one drink  a day for women and two drinks a day for men, use recreational or illegal drugs, etc., you may need a liver detox.

The safety of a liver detox relies on its type and the person's tolerance. Safest detoxes enhance diet, lifestyle, or environment.

Reducing saturated fats and refined carbs may improve poor diets. Fresh fruits, vegetables, green leafy plants, and nuts will boost this diet.

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