Are Jelly-Like Blood Clots During Your Period Normal?

No of your age, you probably have period questions. Even if you believe you understand your cycle, things may change on a dime, and you may experience new period symptoms.

If one of those things is having blood clots that look like jelly during your period, it's normal to be a little worried.

Every person's cycle is different in length, volume of blood, and regularity. Age, hormonal birth control, health changes, pregnancy, and the postpartum period may all affect your cycle.

The uterine lining sheds during menstruation. This breaks blood vessels. The body sends cells to the spot to limit the bleeding by clotting, exactly as with a cut. Some menstrual clots are normal.

Normal healing is one explanation for clotting. "Blood clots arise during menstruation when menstrual blood gathers and solidifies.

Most of the time, these clots happen at the beginning of your period, when your period flow is the heaviest, and blood pools in the lower part of your uterus or upper vagina.

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