Republican LePage says he would veto 15-week abortion ban

Former Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who's seeking his old job back, said he'd veto a 15-week abortion ban.

LePage answered in a laborious discussion at the first governor's debate with Janet Mills and Sam Hunkler.

Mills supports abortion rights, and Democrats have pounded LePage on the issue to motivate voters after the Supreme Court abolished the constitutional right.

LePage, who has dodged the subject, said he supports the existing state law that forbids abortions after a baby becomes viable outside the womb, at 24 weeks.

But when Mills and the moderators asked him if he would veto a bill that would ban abortions before 15 weeks, he said "yes" and nodded.

Maine Right to Life's Karen Vachon was upset by LePage's response. "It's worrisome that he wouldn't support a 15-week ban," she remarked.

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