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Mackage Establishes Paris Fashion Week Pop-Up Ahead of Flagship Launch

23 sep, 2022

The luxury lifestyle brand Mackage, which is based in Montreal, is opening a pop-up store during Paris Fashion Week, just before it opens its first flagship store in the French capital.

Crosby Studios' temporary studio will be open Sept. 26-28 at 5, Cité Dupetit-Thouars in Marais.

The walls will be coated in silver foil to provide an immersive, tactile experience suggestive of the jackets' weightlessness.

The space will have a bed that is meant to represent how comfortable, long-lasting, and warm the Canadian label's designs are.

The CEO of Mackage, Tanya Golesic, said that Crosby Studios showed how sensual the puffers are. “In the U.S., instead of calling it a pop-up, we call it a puff-up,” she said. 

The pop-up is a prologue to a permanent shop launching in November at 418 Rue Saint-Honoré, between Canada Goose and Michael Kors.

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