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Political feud muddles El Paso mass shooter case

The murder trial of a man accused of murdering 23 people at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, in 2019 has become a political circus.

A report submitted in court last week by a lawyer authorized to review the case for the family stated a counsel for DA Yvonne Rosales wrote an email in the family's name criticizing Judge.

The district attorney's office responded to the report Tuesday, calling it biased and arguing that audio recordings were unlawfully submitted.

Judge Medrano stated he couldn't comment on Ms. Rosales' case.

The report's charges are the latest twist in a political dispute surrounding one of Texas' most high-profile criminal cases.

The Aug. 3 El Paso Walmart shooting killed 23 and wounded scores. Authorities alleged Patrick Crusius, then 21, went from North Texas to murder Latinos.

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