Student loan forgiveness applications are available.

President Biden launched the federal application for student loan forgiveness on Monday, the next part of his promise to help 43 million debtors.

“This is a game changer for millions of Americans … and it took an incredible amount of effort to get this website done in such a short time.” now has an English and Spanish form for student debt relief. The form explains debt relief, who qualifies, and how it works.

It requests applicants' complete name, SSN, DOB, phone number, and email address. Apply by Dec. 31, 2023.

Biden indicated in August that he would forgive up to $10,000 in student loan debt for anyone income less than $125,000 or $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients.

Federal student loans are required. Federal PLUS loans obtained by graduate students and parents may be eligible provided they fulfill income standards.

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