Paris Fashion Week prepares for Balmain fashion festival

Paris Fashion Week kicked off Wednesday with anticipation for Balmain's nighttime fashion festival extravaganza, a star-studded charity event including the newest clothes, members of the public.

Courreges thought of the sands of time or the movie "Dune" when he saw a circular sand runway with a falling column of sand in the middle.

The soundtrack's off-kilter and slightly unsettling musical rhythms gave the show a clean, stripped-down feel.

Courreges has become a brand that is known more for its mood than its style, and designer Nicolas Di Felice likes to add atmosphere to his clothes.

Balmain said it was celebrating cuisine, music, and fashion in a pop-up town with stalls in western Paris' Jean-Bouin stadium.

The fashions for spring and summer started with a play on the crisp white shirt. A big shirt dress carried the simple, sporty look well.

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