PLANTERS Peanuts Introduces Sweet & Spicy Peanuts

Heat and sweet await snack lovers! PLANTERS Sweet & Spicy Dry Roasted Peanuts are now available.

PLANTERS Sweet & Spicy Peanuts are the brand's first innovation after joining Hormel Foods in 2021.

This crispy snack is dry-roasted with honey and dried red chili peppers, then seasoned with salt.

The new product plays on the sweet and spicy ("swicy") taste trend.

"At first, honey and sugar touch your taste senses, and then the spiciness jumps in," stated PLANTERS brand manager Robbie Koons. "

16-ounce bottles of Sweet & Spicy Peanuts are sold nationally. A 1.75-ounce quantity is available at convenience shops nationwide.

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