Starbucks' superfancy coffee machine

Social media's coffee community is strong. In a Starbucks Reserve, freshly ground coffee beans go into a coffee robot, and a delighted customer's morning begins.

Starbucks Reserve may provide "Clover brewed" The company's Clover journey has been exciting.

Starbucks has become a viral hit with TikTok influencers posting videos of themselves consuming "secret" drinks, but the firm has an image problem.

Starbucks appears to be courting coffee purists who have scoffed at its beans and beverages.

In 2008, then-CEO Howard Schultz announced Starbucks' purchase of the Coffee Equipment Company of Seattle to address the idea that it trades coffee quality for profit. 

What made this coffee firm special? Coffeemaker Clover.

The barista picks the setting, puts freshly ground beans in a chamber, and stirs with a flat whisk before a piston forces the coffee into a cup.

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