Thanksgiving Friends Gather for 7th Year

Wanda Dench's invitation to Jamal Hinton to dinner went viral by accident, but it led to them spending their seventh Thanksgiving together in a row this year.

In 2016, when Dench, who was 65 at the time, sent a text to Hinton, who she thought was her grandson, she sent it to the wrong person.

Hinton sent her a selfie in response, but he also asked if he could still get a plate from the Arizona grandmother. She sent him a warm message in response.

"Of course you can.Grandmas do that—they feed everyone "She wrote.

Hinton, who is 22 years old, confirmed on social media this week that the two will have dinner together again on Thursday. Their viral friendship gets hundreds of thousands of likes on Twitter.

Mikaela, who is Hinton's girlfriend, has also joined Dench for Thanksgiving dinners in the past.Even though there was a COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the two still had their annual dinner. 

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