Vermont High School Criticized for Biologically Male Trans Student Using Female Locker Room

When a transgender kid entered their locker room, two Vermont high school girls requested him to leave.

Randolph Union High School in Vermont emailed the community on Sept. 23 that it is "launching a harassment inquiry" 

— evidently on the girls' behaviour rather than the 14-year-old trans-identify student's behavior. 

 Due of their age, The Daily Signal won't identify these students, but local media have.

Since then, The Daily Signal has talked with several parents who are upset that the school and district allowed this to happen

 These parents don't want biological guys in their daughters' locker rooms and are confused why the school system favors transgender pupils above their daughters.

"We let a biologically male kid into a locker room where ladies were changing," one of the girls' moms told The Daily Signal.

The biological kid didn't alter and sat in the back to watch. That made girls uneasy, violated, and unprotected."

"Parents and students were informed it was a law and there was nothing they could do," she said. "The law lets them protect everyone, but they didn't"

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