Liz Truss' resignation reopens the race for British PM.

Boris Johnson's July departure wasn't a national catastrophe. Liz Truss's Thursday resignation was a national spectacle.

She was the worst PM ever. The country's never needed a resignation more.

Ms Truss resigned after boasting she wasn't a quitter. 

The about-face was typical of the most belligerently inept British prime ministership ever.

Ms Truss' Downing Street pronouncement followed a day of Conservative mayhem, the last gasps of a dictatorship.

Suella Braverman was fired for immigration regulations. Conservative MPs were shocked at a Labour resolution opposing fracking. 

After then, it was time. Sir Graham Brady, head of the 1922 Committee, traveled to No. 10 on Thursday to criticize Ms. Truss's leadership.

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