What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You?

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 Each nail shape has its own significance, with some being associated with confidence, character, and even romance! Read on to find out what your nail shape says about you.

Oval nails are so common may mean that they’re associated with a highly desirable trait: being a good listener. 

Oval Shaped Nails

Stiletto nails are associated with confidence and success, making them a wonderful choice for ambitious women. 

Stiletto Nails

If you have round nails, you’re likely a creative person who loves to express yourself through art. 

Round Nails

 Square shaped nails are a bold choice, often associated with a strong personality. These nails are a great choice for confident women who know what they want. 

Square Shaped Nails

Your nails are a window into your personality, and nail shapes are just a glimpse. From your nail shape, you can tell how you like to spend your time and what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

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