“The All-Star Cast of ‘What Women Want’: A Look Back at the Movie and Its Stars”

As we look back on the classic romantic comedy “What Women Want,” we can’t help but be impressed by the star-studded cast that brought this film to life. Directed by Nancy Meyers and released in 2000, “What Women Want” follows the story of a chauvinistic advertising executive who gains the ability to hear women’s thoughts after a freak accident. The film stars Mel Gibson as the lead character, Nick Marshall, alongside an incredible ensemble of talented actors and actresses.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the all-star cast of “What Women Want,” and explore how their performances contributed to the success of the film.

Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall

Mel Gibson’s portrayal of Nick Marshall, the arrogant and womanizing advertising executive, was a critical element of the film’s success. While some may argue that Gibson’s controversial personal life has overshadowed his career in recent years, there is no denying that he was once one of Hollywood’s most bankable leading men. In “What Women Want,” Gibson displays his signature charm and wit, as well as his ability to convey vulnerability and emotional depth. His on-screen chemistry with co-star Helen Hunt is palpable, and their scenes together are some of the film’s most memorable moments.

Helen Hunt as Darcy McGuire

Helen Hunt’s performance as Darcy McGuire, Nick’s no-nonsense boss and love interest, is equally impressive. Hunt’s ability to convey strength and vulnerability simultaneously makes her a compelling leading lady, and her scenes with Gibson are some of the film’s most memorable. Together, the two actors create a dynamic and engaging on-screen romance that captivates audiences even today.

Marisa Tomei as Lola

Marisa Tomei’s portrayal of Lola, Nick’s kooky and eccentric love interest, is one of the film’s most entertaining elements. Tomei infuses Lola with just the right amount of quirkiness and charm, making her a standout character in an already impressive ensemble. Her scenes with Gibson are some of the film’s funniest, and her performance adds a touch of whimsy to an otherwise straightforward romantic comedy.

Alan Alda as Dan Wanamaker

Alan Alda’s performance as Dan Wanamaker, Nick’s rival and the head of a competing advertising agency, adds depth and complexity to the film’s storyline. Alda brings a sense of gravitas to the role, and his scenes with Gibson are some of the film’s most dramatic. His character’s arc, from conniving competitor to mentor and friend, is one of the film’s most satisfying storylines.

Other notable performances

In addition to the film’s principal cast, “What Women Want” features several notable supporting performances. Lauren Holly’s portrayal of Gigi, Nick’s ex-wife, adds a layer of complexity to his character’s backstory. Judy Greer’s turn as Erin, Darcy’s assistant, is another standout performance, and her scenes with Hunt showcase the actress’s comedic timing and screen presence.


In conclusion, the all-star cast of “What Women Want” is one of the film’s most significant strengths. Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, Marisa Tomei, Alan Alda, and the rest of the talented ensemble bring their A-game to every scene, making this romantic comedy a classic that still holds up almost two decades after its release. Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies or simply appreciate great performances, “What Women Want” is a film that deserves a place in your movie collection.

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