What Is A Rainbow Kiss: Gross or Sexy?

Perhaps you’ve mastered the various types of kisses with your partner, but you’re still trying something new. If you are the type who always tries to bring something new to your makeout sessions, then I guess you are at the right place.

If no one hurts you and everything is okay with both of you, do whatever makes you happy.

If you are tired of your usual kisses, try this trending kiss, which may not be familiar to everyone. We are talking about rainbow kisses; surprisingly, it is not related to the colours of the rainbow. However, you may be taken aback to learn that the word alludes to something a little bit…different, which is a sexual act. This term immediately piques your curiosity. The thought of it is gross for some, and it interests few others. Menstruation has something to do with it. 

This article reveals all the details about this X-rated kissing style, how it is done, and everything else you need to know about it to make your next makeout session even more intense. 

What Is A Rainbow Kiss

In most cases, a rainbow kiss is shared between a man and a woman; however, there are exceptions to this rule. The act involves exchanging menstrual blood and semen between the two partners. Specifically, the act involves the transfer of body fluids.

A rainbow kiss occurs when a person with a penis engages in oral sex with another individual with a uterus when the other individual is experiencing their period. It amounts to 69ing when one person is experiencing their period. After both partners have ejaculated in each other’s mouths, the next step is for the pair to kiss, which mingles menstrual blood with the semen throughout the procedure, thus the name “rainbow kiss.” And voilà!

Few people indulge in rainbow kisses for no other reason but enjoyment and exploring new experiences. According to some research, practicing diverse variants of sex would be pleasurable and exciting. Indeed, unique sexual experiences are pleasurable and exciting.

Although using menstrual blood in sexual practices may be repulsive to some, other experts claim it may help bring couples closer together. Playing with blood requires a high degree of trust between players, which bonds them together.

If you’re not doing it with someone you can fully trust, you should be very careful when exchanging body fluids. It is essential to remember that sharing bodily fluids can put your health at risk in several ways. “Be careful and smart about our decisions” is the most important thing for couples who want to practice rainbow kisses.

How is a rainbow kiss performed?

When menstrual blood is on the vagina, the 69 positions are often used for a rainbow kiss. One person has oral intercourse with the menstruation lady while simultaneously licking blood from her vagina.

Because it involves behaviour that most consider inappropriate, this is considered one of the most daring 69 position variants. However, the unconventional nature of this kind of oral sex makes it appealing to folks with certain proclivities.

According to some accounts, a rainbow kiss happens when one partner has menstruation while the other performs cunnilingus. Preparation may indeed alleviate many problems, however. For instance, the “magic kiss” that follows oral sex requires both participants to be prepared to retain their blood and semen on their lips, which may not occur if you are unprepared.

Both of you should be done around the same time so that you don’t have to keep the blood or semen in your mouth for too long. The two most important things are self-awareness and familiarity with your partner’s body. Primarily, it’s essential to consider the issues of time, communication, and permission in advance.

Are rainbow kisses safe?

For rainbow kissing to be risk-free, you and your kissing partner must have a solid understanding of each other. With a long-term partner, you know more about her sanitary habits. Whether or not she has any underlying conditions that might be transferred by blood, it may be safe to kiss her during her period.

On the other hand, having casual sex with someone may not be the best time to try out rainbow kissing. Assuming your sex partner is in good health is a dangerous assumption to make. Several infectious illnesses are transmitted by blood, including Ebola, HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and others. Still, it’s normal to worry about the results of blood tests checking cholesterol or other health indicators whenever you go to the doctor for any reason.

You should be checked if you persist in engaging in casual encounters of this kind regarding sexual activity. As the target, you probably shouldn’t take part in the behaviour. That way, if the other person is worried about becoming sick from you, you may show them that you are disease-free. Before trying oral sex without protection, especially a rainbow kiss, you shouldn’t brush or floss your teeth. This can cause minor cuts inside your mouth.

“HIV, hepatitis, and even chlamydia or gonorrhoea can be spread if you have these micro-abrasions and then go down on someone and touch their sperm, bodily fluids, or blood. How do you stay safe? “Don’t floss or brush your teeth first. Go down, do what you must, and then wash your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash before you brush.”

Backstory Of 69 Position

The Joy of Sex popularized the idea of simultaneous oral and genital stimulation, or “69.” (1972). This guide said that this posture was often used by young couples in London. This assertion has been challenged, but the increasing prevalence of this practice is not denied.

Approximately 70% of homosexual male respondents to a 1997 poll claimed they loved 69, while over 90% said they enjoyed kissing, as described in chapter 17 of Paul Joannides and Andrew Holleran’s book, The Guide to Getting It On!

In the same way that any good sexual behavior would, 69ing has been the subject of heated discussion.

Why Do Couples Try Rainbow Kisses?

There was a time when sex while on period was considered unclean and dirty. But now, with time, we are actually starting to see that doing sex while masturbation could help to relieve headaches and menstrual cramps, which is a good thing.

Rainbow Kisses are a part of the recent trend to celebrate sexuality in all its beauty and diversity. The practice is an alternative, safe way for two people to express affection for each other sensually. It is a form of intimacy that fosters connection. Doing this also allows partners to get close, even if they have just met. Many couples enjoy rainbow kisses as a different experience that can also express love. 

Beyond intimacy and all the physical benefits, some other things might appeal to folks to practice the rainbow kiss. Some people enjoy blood play, which means using blood during sex. It’s a sexual interest where blood’s sight/ scent, feel, or taste is sexually arousing. 

Those who enjoy blood-letting activities on their partner may get erotically stimulated by seeing their partner’s blood. Though, some people may use fake blood or stage blood. It all depends on the consent and boundaries of the partners.” As for the rainbow kiss, “Like the hundreds of other fetishes out there, this ‘unique’ activity is perfectly okay to do so long as it’s agreed upon by two consenting adults.” 

Couples can also perform the rainbow kiss to try using flavoured lube to “add a new dimension to their sensory play.”

What else do I need to know before I engage in a rainbow kiss?

If you want to try rainbow kisses, you should follow some safety rules. First, you can do cunnilingus on a woman who is menstruating and not get blood in your mouth if you focus on stimulating the outside of the body, like the clitoris, the mons pubis, or somewhere else.

Second, if there is a chance of fingering, wear latex or non-latex gloves. Try acting on some dark sheets to keep things from getting too messy. It’s essential to stop labelling things as gross or weird on the spot. It must make it okay for people to do their fetishes. The way people judge other people could be dangerous.

When we make fun of people, we make our activities less safe. We do them secretly because we don’t want to talk to our doctors about them or get tested. We can be safer if we are more open to different ways of being sexual. If no one hurts you and everything is okay with both of you, do whatever makes you happy.

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