“Introducing: The YSL Lipstick That Changes Color With Your Mood!”

Lipstick is one of the most important makeup products for many women. It can help to define your lips, add color, and make them look fuller. But finding the perfect lipstick can be a challenge. Some women have trouble finding the right shade, while others find that the color doesn’t last long enough.
Now, there’s a new lipstick option that promises to solve both of these problems. YSL Lipstick is a new line of lipsticks that can be customized to your specific shade.

Introducing the new YSL Lipstick that changes color with customization! Now you can create your own unique shade of lipstick with the help of the YSL Lipstick printer. Simply choose the colors you want to mix and match, and the printer will do the rest. The possibilities are endless! This innovative lipstick uses a printer to create a one-of-a-kind color that is perfect for your unique style.

How YSL Lipstick Printer Works?

Are you curious about how the new YSL Lipstick works? Well, here’s a quick breakdown! The YSL Lipstick is a printer that is designed to print out lipstick colors onto your lips. All you need to do is select a color from the YSL Lipstick app, and then the printer will do the rest! The great thing about this lipstick is that it is smudge-proof and waterproof, so you can feel confident that your lipstick will stay put all day long. Plus, it’s super easy to use, so you can get the perfect lipstick color every time. So, if you’re looking for a new way to apply lipstick, be sure to check out the YSL Lipstick!

It was during CES 2020 that the YSL lipstick maker was first shown off, however back then it was called the Perso and was intended to manufacture personalized skincare products. The idea behind the Perso was that it would utilize AI to diagnose skin problems by connecting to an app on your phone and analyzing its camera feed, then recommending and dispensing the proper treatments. The latest version of the YSL lipstick creator analyzes your clothes, allowing you to virtually trial on several shades before spitting out your very own unique shade of lipstick.

Why YSL Lipstick Printer Is So Popular?

There are several reasons why this gadget is intriguing. The growing trend for individualized products has obvious allure. A gadget like this is not only useful for the environment, but also represents a major victory in the battle for long-term sustainability. The need for new items and their associated carbon-footprint may be reduced if customers just need one gadget to produce a variety of appearances.

Design And Feature And Use Of YSL Lipstick Maker

The portable gadget that has swept the web by storm seems to be rather simple. The outside is simple: a matte black base and a tiny mirror emblazoned with the YSL monogram; nonetheless, this item conceals more than meets the eye. Perso’s proprietary technology is used by the lipstick manufacturer to create unique tones for each customer. The machines come with a variety of cartridges in four different colors (pink, orange, red, and naked). Each color set comes with three pre-measured cartridges with separate hues that may be blended to get the final hue.

YSL claims that the package includes more than three lipsticks since each cartridge is bigger than one of their regular lipsticks. The cartridges feature an in-built chip that logs when they were opened and when they expired, preventing their reuse beyond that point.

With the Rouge Sur Mesure app, you may calibrate your cartridges after entering them into the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure Custom Lip Color Creator. This verifies the position of the cartridges, ensuring that the appropriate quantity of each is released during the manufacturing of the shade. The software offers three distinct ways for users to choose their desired lip shade. Color Scheme, Color Match, and Color Stylist are some of the alternatives.

To simulate try on several tones and choose a tint, the shade palette option exposes the front-facing camera of the smartphone while presenting a color wheel. Shade match activates the phone’s rear camera, allowing users to point at a color and produce a lipstick in that same shade or one that is very close to it. They may also select a hue from an uploaded picture. The third option is to utilize a picture of the user’s attire, either taken with the app or uploaded to it, to assist the shade stylist choose the best lip color. The Rouge Sur Mesure app also allows users to store all of their own colors for later use.

After settling on a color, the user just clicks “create,” and the program goes to work. YSL says the gadget has three motors that work together to dispense a measured quantity of product from each cartridge. Each shade of velvet matte lipstick may be customized by mixing the many shades that fall onto the compact. The compact may be separated and utilized anywhere thanks to its mirror and portability.


Reps from YSL informed Teen Vogue that even though the YSL Rouge Sur Mesure Custom Lip Color Creator has already been met with great success, there is still more to come. If you’re a fan of the Rouge Sur Mesure app, keep an eye out for future improvements.

It’s the stuff of beauty gurus’ dreams, but at $299 plus $89 for each color cartridge, it’s not exactly cheap. This begs the age-old question: is it better to save a few hundred dollars or get the latest, greatest, most insanely expensive AI-powered beauty gadget?

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